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Return of the (Very Chaotic) Tele-Serial! – Part One

Hold onto your socks and try to make sense of the on-coming chaos because Alejandra and Seher are back to do a sequel from the original tele-serial make a drama! Chock full of melodramatics, ghost moms, werewolf tias, and murderous aunties… can our two ladies loves find a way to be together?

Character List

Tara: Bengali Indian, 24, classical singer
Tara’s mother
Tara’s father
Tara’s older sister
Tara’s aunt
Tara’s paternal grandmother 

Julieta: 28, Mexican, deaf, programmer
Julieta’s maternal aunt
Julieta’s mother
Julieta’s father
Julieta’s sister
Julieta’s ex-fiancée (now married to her sister)
Julieta’s ex-fiancée’s best friend (engaged to Tara’s older sister)


Original Tele-Serial Episode


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