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Part time gamer, full time complainer. Gotta go fast cuz I’ve got ADHD! Nonbinary, they/them. El serves as a Managing Editor for The Fandomentals. You can find them on Twitter.


Elizabeth, Kori, and special guest Lisa sat down to talk about modern definitions of queerbaiting, and what it evolved from.  


  Supergirl Season 3, Episode 12: “For Good” After we lost Livewire last week (RIP), Supergirl took things down a notch (depending on which...


The much-promoted crossover is finally upon us, and it kicked things off with back-to-back episodes of Supergirl and Arrow last night. Let’s jump right in...


Ooof. So this is the episode we knew was coming, and boy did it hurt really, really good. Also, Lena has a pretty crappy...

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