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Part time gamer, full time complainer. Gotta go fast cuz I’ve got ADHD! Nonbinary, they/them. El serves as a Managing Editor for The Fandomentals. You can find them on Twitter.


Kara Danvers began her superhero journey on shaky ground, soared into our hearts, fell, and is now redeeming herself with time, hard work, and...


We’re not normally huge fans of the ‘fallen superhero’ trope, especially since almost every DC film in the past decade has purposefully set out...


Last week, we (Gretchen and Elizabeth) introduced you to Supergirl and hopefully you’re at least intrigued by your first date and ready for more....


If you enjoy the cynical, grim deconstruction of beloved childhood characters and icons, or if you enjoy gratuitous violence with shocking twists and turns...

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