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Bloodshot Trailer Drops, Plays With Time And Memory

Well, now I know how my more casual friends felt during some of the more obscure Marvel films.

See, Bloodshot, this new Vin Diesel movie, is based on an apparently very well selling comic series published by Valiant Entertainment. And…I must here confess that I’ve never read anything by Valiant. I’ve read Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image, Archie, and even Top  Cow, but somehow never Valiant. Not sure how that happened. There’s no reason for this, I wasn’t avoiding them or anything. Just…never got around to reading any of their things.

But here we are, with a brand new movie on the way, brought to us by Sony and starring the big, lovable growler himself, Vin Diesel. He plays a soldier who died, seemingly captured and killed along with his lover, and was brought back by a special group who restores soldiers for the United States. He’s their first success, and his blood is full of nanites that both make him stronger and heal him remarkably quickly. And so he sets out on his traditional ‘Roaring Rampage of Revenge’, going after one of the faces he remembers from his death. And that’s when things get screwy, as the people who revived him promptly knock him out remotely, taking him back to their headquarters.

What exactly is going on? It’s not entirely clear, to be perfectly honest, but the gist of it seems to be that the people who gave him his powers have been using him for their own purposes, replacing the face of the person he remembers from his murder with targets and people they want him to kill. Given that the trailer starts with the keyword the leader of the group uses whenever they’re resetting him, it’s not entirely clear how long they’ve been doing this, if the explanation they give him in the start of the trailer is the first time they’ve explained this or not. Heck, we don’t even know if there’s actually an event for him to be seeking revenge for, given that we see him and the director guy in an entirely digital world at one point in the trailer.

Overall, Bloodshot looks interesting. There are moments that feel cliched and tired, but it’s entirely possible that the film will subvert them, given its apparent setup. At the very least, it should be a fun, well-made action-packed popcorn movie, and sometimes that’s all I want.

Images courtesy of Sony Pictures


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