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bojack horseman season 6
bojack horseman season 6


Bojack Horseman’s Final Season is Upon Us in Trailer Form

I’m not ready. But I am ready. Over five seasons, Bojack Horseman has proven to be one of the funniest, cleverest, and most emotionally real animated shows ever. It easily ranks among the very best shows in recent years, whatever disrespect the Emmys show towards it. Now the final season is upon us. Where will our beloved characters finally leave off? Am I truly ready to leave them behind already?

The trailer itself is your typical Bojack fare. Bojack narrates a letter he writes from rehab while we glimpse the conflicts of the coming season. Obviously you have Bojack in rehab, while Princess Carolyn deals with her new baby. Mr. Peanutbutter looks like he’ll be facing some hard truths after cheating on Pickles with Diane, who continues to face her own issues about her place in the world and her career goals. It’s funny, it’s emotional, it’s Bojack.

But this is the end. The final season. We’re going to see all these characters reach a critical point in their lives. How they end the story now will tell us what kind of people they will be moving forward. I’m delighted. I’m terrified. Bojack Horseman has broken my heart so many times but never without a glimpse of hope that everything leads to a happier place for everyone involved. I just want them to be happy. I want them to be better. I’m sure this season will test them and me like it always has. But this is the end. Surely we’re finally going to see Bojack and the gang finally set themselves on the right path?

I’m ready to know the answer. I’m not ready to know the answer. Ugh, just give me the answer already.

Whatever the case, we’re going to learn it over two half-seasons. The first hits Netflix on October 25 and will almost certainly end in some harrowing, depressing manner. The second part of the season releases on January 31. Here’s hoping, when all is said and done, that Bojack Horseman gives these characters something nice. But whatever the case, I’m expecting more of the excellent storytelling I’ve come to expect from this amazing show.

Video and Images Courtesy of Netflix


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