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Britannia Trailer Shows Off Evil Romans and Warrior Witches

However much I dislike Game of Thrones, and regardless of how Britannia actually turns out, I’m so glad the former made the latter possible. I’m all for shows like this being made.

Set in A.D. 43 after the Roman conquest of Celts in the British Isles (I’ll let the history experts judge the accuracy), Britannia focuses on a pair of Celtic rivals uniting in hopes of beating the Romans back. The show is set in “a mysterious land ruled by wild warrior women and powerful druids who can channel the powerful forces of the underworld.” How cool does that sound? Come on!

If the trailer is any indication, this will at least look visually epic, and I’m all for witches performing Satanic rituals. Although I feel bad that I can’t see David Morrissey without seeing the Governor from Walking Dead. He deserves better than to be remembered only for that nonsense.

The last time I saw a historical period drama described as trying to imitate Game of Thrones, I was rewarded with the absolutely amazing Black Sails. I don’t need Britannia to be THAT good. Asking anything to match Black Sails is unfair. Just give me something better than Game of Thrones.

Britannia hits Sky Atlantic in the UK on January 18 and will air in the United States on Amazon Prime. It is the first co-production between Sky and Amazon. Here’s hoping they don’t somehow ruin Celtic warrior witches vs. the Roman empire.

Video and Image Courtesy of Amazon


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