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trauma trauma


Content warning: discussions of child abuse and sexual assault Introduction: Back in August, Disney’s The Owl House released its highly anticipated prom episode, and...

supernatural supernatural


Welcome to the second episode review in our series Supernatural: End of the Road. If you want last week’s review, check it out here....


Hello and welcome to the first installation of Supernatural: End of the Road. (Do you get it? It’s clever!) Over the next eight weeks,...


If you’ve been around the Fandomentals enough you’ve heard of the Dutiful Princess. Now, we have the other side of the coin to the...


Sister Beatrice from the hit Netflix show, 'Warrior Nun' joins the ranks of our Dutiful Princesses.


If you're looking for a delightful detective romp with strong feminist themes, treat yourself to Enola Holmes.


Welcome back everyone to another episode of….! Wouldn’t it be funny if this was actually a television show? Never mind I’m getting off track....