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Robert's Rebellion Robert's Rebellion


Yesterday, Entertainment Weekly reported that HBO plans on making several new prequel shows to Game of Thrones to go along with House of the...

Naya Rivera Naya Rivera


How do you measure the life of a woman or a man? Seasons of Love (Jonathan Larson) So goes the Rent song that Glee covered on two separate...


Ladies First talked about Wynonna Earp again! Dayana and Kori discussed what’s happened in season four, what we’d like to see in the second...


Netflix's reccently released take on the story of the Tejano icon is missing a key ingredient.


Sam and Callen definitely make the list of great bromances. They’re one of the longest and most reliable partnerships shown on TV.


The Glorious Dumbass is defined by a few key traits. Their inherent proclivity for chaos. An utter refusal to let other’s standards define them....


Hello and welcome to the first installation of Supernatural: End of the Road. (Do you get it? It’s clever!) Over the next eight weeks,...


Each of the first 2 seasons of Fargo not only justified the existence of a show based on the classic Coen crime film, they...