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atomic blonde featured
atomic blonde featured


Charlize Theron’s Ass-Kicking Gets Exposition in This New Atomic Blonde Trailer

As cool as the Red Band trailer for Atomic Blonde was, it didn’t do much to tell you what the movie was about outside of Theron being a badass. Sure, that’s enough to eagerly anticipate the film, but it’d be nice to learn a little bit more about whose asses she is kicking and why.

This brand-new official trailer provides all your exposition needs.

Taking place in Berlin in 1989, Theron plays Lorraine Wallace, super spy extraordinaire. She’s sent to Berlin to investigate the murder of a fellow agent she once had a relationship with. With the help of MI6 station chief David Percival, she proceeds to punch, kick, shoot, and generally destroy everyone in her path. She also does so in the coolest and most creative ways she can. Along the way, she comes across a femme fatale French agent.

Watch the trailer below and bask in the coolness.

Fists, feet, shoes, clubs, give Lorraine Wallace something to beat you down with, and it looks like she’ll find a way. Atomic Blonde looks so great. Charlize Theron kicking the crap out of people was incentive enough, but hopefully, this gives you a little more reason to check the movie out besides her action prowess.

Atomic Blonde releases on July 28. Starring alongside Theron is James McAvoy, John Goodman, Sofia Boutella, Eddie Marsan, Toby Jones, and James Faulkner.

Video and Images Courtesy of Focus Features


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