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Connie Nielsen Reuniting with Patty Jenkins for ‘One Day She’ll Darken’

After previously working together on the literally perfect Wonder Woman, Connie Nielsen has signed on to One Day She’ll Darken, a six-episode drama directed by Patty Jenkins. Fellow Wonder Woman star Chris Pines will also star on the show. One Day She’ll Darken tells the story of Fauna Hodel, granddaughter of infamous Hollywood gynecologist George Hodel, main suspect of the unsolved Black Dahlia murder.

The show will focus on Fauna’s investigations into her past after being given away at birth, a trail leading her to the crimes of her father. It’s based on Hodel’s autobiography of her life by the same name. Jenkins is set to direct the pilot episode and possibly more afterwards, and will obviously play a key role in the development of the series.

Nielsen will play Corinna Hodel, described as “a fading socialite beauty with a cigarette in a long black holder; an alcoholic who’s seen her family shattered, her fortunes tossed to the winds…Corinna finds herself a keeper of secrets, but none more fearsome than those she keeps from herself.”

Look, it’s Connie Nielsen and Patty Jenkins. They could collaborate on a story about a woman brewing a pot of coffee in the morning and I’d probably be interested. Something like this is a given.

One Day She’ll Darken does not have a release date yet. India Eisley has been cast in the star role as Fauna Hodel.

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