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Creed II Trailer Brings Back Bad Blood

After the first trailer for Creed II offered only a last-second tease, this newest one gave people exactly what they wanted. Yes, Adonis Creed will fight Ivan Drago’s son, Victor. Dolph Lundgren is back as Ivan. Yes, Victor is terrifying and big. Their fight is all about righting the wrongs done to their fathers in the past. It’s basically everything we all thought when Drago’s son was confirmed for the movie.

Will this be a good thing? I’m skeptical.

This trailer feels an awful lot like a more serious rehash of the same stuff Rocky IV offered. The threat of the giant, scary Russian, the opposition towards the fight of everyone around the protagonist, the elevation of the fight to some titanic, necessary struggle in order to prove manhood rather than a sporting event, and the trailer focuses pretty greatly on how Rocky IV has affected everyone involved. I guess throw a dash of Rocky III in there, with Rocky taking Mick’s role and Drago’s son more like the Clubber Lang that Mick didn’t want Rocky to fight.

To be honest, I still want to know what’s up with Clubber Lang. He was the best Rocky opponent.

I worry Creed II may lean too hard on Rocky IV. I’m also not sure why there would be beef between Rocky and Ivan in this trailer? Wasn’t the whole point of Rocky IV that they didn’t hold grudges and respected each in the end? That they were just doing what they had to do? I know Rocky isn’t exactly narratively tight, but still. That’s basically the only real point of what was otherwise a campy testosterone fest.

I suppose I should go into this movie the same way. I’m there to watch Michael B. Jordan, Tessa Thompson, and Sylvester Stallone do their thing. Everything else comes second.

I hope Creed II surprises me when it hits theaters at a yet unspecified date.

Video and Images Courtesy of MGM


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