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E3 2018 Brings the Pride for Pride Month

Yeah, Death’s Stranding continues to be as fascinatingly incomprehensible as ever. Kingdom Hearts 3 continues to look better and better with each new trailer. Sony and Microsoft both blew everyone’s minds with amazing conferences that look to end this current console generation with a plethora of generation-defining games. E3 2018 has been absolutely incredible. No question.

But Kassandra and Ellie, though!

Believe me, I could sit here and talk about how incredible Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey looked purely from a gameplay standpoint. I could spend hours talking about The Last of Us Part II, and how that would be the most impressive gameplay in video game history if it plays out anything close to that. I know Naughty Dog’s the king of amazing gaming animation but TLoU 2 blew my mind. In an E3 full of promise and excitement, those two games are top contenders for Game of the Show purely based off actual gameplay.

We’re not here to talk about that, though. We’re how to talk about how, during Pride Month, these two games just straight up delivered the Pride content at E3. Two of the biggest games at the biggest event in the gaming world proudly showed off queer characters and to hell with anyone who doesn’t like it. The world’s moving on to a much better place and gaming is moving along with it.

e3 2018 kassandra

Look at this buff bi baby. She’ll punch all your buns.

(I could get into Sora surfing on rainbow clouds, but I won’t. It’s subtext, Steven.)

I know queer video game romances aren’t new, not even with pansexual characters. But the point is how it’s THESE games so loudly and proudly announcing it. Assassin’s Creed is one of the biggest franchises in gaming, and this new one straight up gives you the choice to be a man or women and love whatever gender you damn well want. Hell, love them both. And of course, with The Last of Us, you have what is arguably the Playstation’s current flagship franchise. Not only did they stick to their guns on Ellie liking girls (revealed in DLC for the first game), they started their trailer off making sure we all knew it. This was visibility and affirmation at the absolute top level of gaming.

Yes, it’s very possible that Ellie’s girlfriend dies early on, and that can be a problem. But honestly, this is Naughty Dog. If anyone deserves our trust, even in the event that Dina dies, they do.

E3 2018 has been a very, very good event for gamers, and yesterday was a very, very good day for queer gaming representation. The industry has come so far. Happy Pride Month, everyone. Now let’s all demand that Naughty Dog protect Ellie’s smile.

Video and Images Courtesy of Ubisoft and Sony InteractiveEntertainment


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