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Cleveland Skyline
Cleveland Skyline


Eating My Way Through Cleveland

The best part about moving 1200 miles away to college was exploring all the best food places. I moved to Cleveland for college without having ever stepped foot in the city before. So I told myself I would explore as much as possible and make it my second home. I succeeded.  Fortunately, I became friends with two native Clevelanders who introduced me to all the of the most known and hidden away food joints. Now that they are both moving to Canada for graduate school, it seemed like the perfect time to eat our way through Cleveland!

As such, here are my top five picks for places you should absolutely visit if you are ever lucky enough to be in Cleveland.

  1. Barrio
    1. With four locations across the greater Cleveland area, this place is the go to for tacos that are cheap, tasty, and make you want to go back repeatedly. I once went five times in the same week! The tacos are custom made to your direction. Their salsa, guac, and queso are all-addictive plus the chips literally never stop coming. As a Texan, Barrio actually holds up.
  2. Mitchell’s Ice Cream
    1. Spoiled as a kid with Blue Bell’s Ice Cream, I never thought I’d find an ice cream to rival, no beat out Blue Bell. Mitchell’s is handmade, locally sourced, and incredibly creamy. Their seasonal flavors are epic and worth going back for the next day. I have also been to Mitchell’s five times in one week. (…Yes it was the same week as above.)
  3. Inn on Coventry
    1. If you are looking for breakfast food, this is my pick. Cleveland has many amazing diners, but this one located in Cleveland Heights has the best lemon ricotta pancakes I have ever had. People wait hours to get in to eat, it is that popular.
  4. Zoma’s Ethiopian
    1. Cleveland is also excellent for ethnic food. It has its historical Polish and German areas as well as Arab, South Asian, and many African cuisines. One of my favorites is on Lee Road also in Cleveland Heights. The atmosphere is perfect for a small family and friends get together. Injera is never-ending and they even do a traditional tea ceremony!
  5. NightMarketCle
    1. This one is kind of cheating but the last Friday of June, July, August, and September community organizations come together to highlight the best of what Asiatown and Asian restaurants have to offer. Vendors from all over sell their best dishes while different cultural groups and organizations provide entertainment. There literally is something for everyone, and last year when I went, there was even southern soul food!

Cleveland is a great place to be a foodie because there is never an end to the different places to try and see.



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    Seher is a Managing Editor at The Fandomentals focusing on the ins and outs of broadcast TV. Representation on screen and behind the scenes are one of many specialties. Otherwise, she's reading away for her anthropology graduate program. pc: @poika_


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