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First look at DC’s Stargirl

Not to be confused with the upcoming Disney+ movie starring Grace VanderWaal, DC’s Stargirl is based on the eponymous comic book character created by Geoff Johns and Lee Moder. We had previously seen a version of her from season two of Legends of Tomorrow, played by Sarah Grey.

Our reboot character now has her own series as conceived by Greg Berlanti, and focuses on a high school-aged version of Courtney Whitmore, as played by Brec Bassinger (Bella and the Bulldogs). This adaptation sees Courtney discover the cosmic staff previously wielded by Sylvester Pemberton aka Starman (Joel McHale), a once member of the Justice Society of America who seems to have died in the line of duty. Courtney’s new stepfather, who had been safeguarding the staff, turns out to be Starman’s former sidekick, Pat Dugan (Luke Wilson), who is now faced with the fact that his stepdaughter is not only worthy of wielding a staff of great power, but it also committed to following in her predecessor’s dangerous footsteps and being a hero.

The production values for this series, initially airing on DC Universe and then the CW (which, why?) do seem to be a notch higher than what we see on the standard CW fare, but overall the world Stargirl inhabits shouldn’t seem too unfamiliar, this is still a Berlanti show, after all. Bonus surprise though is the score for the series, which has been composed by Pinar Toprak (you might recognize her work on the Krypton television series and the Captain Marvel movie).

Look for Stargirl to premiere on both platforms in early 2020.

Images courtesy of DC Universe and the CW


  • Kori is an entertainment writer and Managing Editor at the Fandomentals. In her spare time, she is a fragrance and watch enthusiast, lover of Eurovision, and Yanni devotee.


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