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bob's burgers featured
bob's burgers featured


Fox to Make a Bob’s Burgers Movie for 2020

Fresh off a second Emmy win for creator Loren Bouchard’s animated hit (I’ll restrain from complaining about Bojack Horseman‘s nomination snub), Fox has ordered a feature-film scheduled for release on July 17, 2020. Fox Animation will take the role of producing the movie. Bouchard will obviously take a key role in its creation.

Bob’s Burgers follows the Belcher family (Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene, and Louise) as they run the family burger restaurant and deal with both its success, or lack thereof, and those who work towards their wacky successes and downfalls. Reminiscent of The Simpsons and especially King of the Hill, the show has garnered strong critical acclaim, though the ratings have unfortunately struggled at times. I can’t believe anyone who likes animation wouldn’t enjoy Bob’s Burgers. How can you watch Linda or Tina and not want more?

And while I can imagine many feeling wary of the translation to feature length, just remember The Simpsons got a pretty decent movie well after the show’s prime. I’m pretty sure Bob’s Burgers can manage the same.

So what do we think of this announcement? Are you optimistic or not? What ideas do we have regarding the film’s eventual plot? Think it over and tell us in the comments below.

Images Courtesy of 20th Century Fox


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