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Frozen 2 Trailer Drops, Takes Us To The Mysterious Beyond

So…I unironically still love Frozen. Elsa is by far my favorite Disney animated character, and ‘Let It Go’ is one of my most listened to songs still. Yes, I’m one of the idiots who never got sick of it. And given the sheer massive success of the first film, can we take a minute to appreciate the fact that it took them six years to pump out a sequel? I remember the dark days of the direct to video plague Eisner wrought in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, to not follow up on their biggest success with anything but two shorts (the latter of which should not have opened for Coco, but that’s a conversation for a different time) is an impressive show of restraint.

Now then, what’re we seeing? What’s Frozen 2 going to be about? Well…I’m not entirely sure. The trailer for the first movie was entirely uninformative, and they appear to want to keep that up, albeit with some concessions due to us knowing who is who in this plot now. We open with Elsa attempting to run across a storm, freezing the ocean beneath her, only for her ice to crack, dropping her into the water where she meets a horse with glowing eyes made from water. It looks at her for a moment, then leaves and she hurries to the surface for air.

From there we cut to seemingly all the trolls rolling down a mountain to speak to Elsa. Their leader tells Elsa that she must travel north to find out the truth about the past, later confiding in Anna that they always feared that Elsa was too powerful for this world, but now fear that she’s not powerful enough, though Anna vows to protect her.

We see disjointed bits for the rest of the trailer, some impressive pieces of magic that don’t seem to be Elsa’s doing, Anna and Olaf go down a waterfall that I hope is a shout out to Maelstrom (the ride at EPCOT the Frozen ride replaced), and all the leads disappear into a wall of mist before we cut to Elsa hiding from a truly massive rock creature that looks rather similar to her aggressive snow creature.

And…yeah, that’s what’s there! It did a good job of hyping me up at least, of exploring the story without revealing too much, but I won’t lie, I don’t know how much it will do for anyone who hasn’t seen the first. Admittedly, Disney is probably banking on enough people having seen the first to not need to play catch up, but still, a little odd.

Image and video courtesy of Walt Disney Animation


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