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The Fuller House Season 2 Trailer Reminds Us Why We Didn’t Care About Season 1

Halloween may be over, but Fuller House will continue its haunt. Today we were served up a Season 2 trailer for the reboot that no one ever asked for. And perhaps with good reason: in these two short minutes we were thrust back into the land of hackneyed jokes and horrifying tropes, showing that this season will in no way improve upon its predecessor’s formula. DJ (Candace Cameron-Bure)’s love triangle is back! She still can’t decide between the stalker or the hot, dumb guy! Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) gets a Gibbler boyfriend and dashes our hopes of a wlw main character!

It does look like there may be a bit of a focus on the younger generation’s coming of age, and perhaps a chance for commentary into our throw-away culture with Danny Tanner (Bob Saget)’s struggle over turning 60. Michelle Tanner (Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen) is still conspicuously absent, so we may be treated to more meta-level jokes. Will this year bring us a piece of performance art as meticulous as Season 1?

Watch the trailer below here, and give us your thoughts. Should we be really excited about Kimmy Gibbler (Andrea Barber)’s turkey impression? Will this season serve as the last? Will they splice in footage from one of Mary Kate & Ashley’s memorable films to pretend Michelle still exists? Let us know!

Image courtesy of Netflix


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