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wonder woman featured
wonder woman featured


Hey, Wonder Woman Has a New Trailer!

Remember Wonder Woman? That Amazonian DC superhero who appeared in Batman vs. Superman? I wouldn’t blame you for forgetting considering her solo movie is only a month from release and I only remembered because of a can of Dr. Pepper. But good news, because the movie has a new trailer! I have to say, if the trailers are any indication we may have an actual movie on our hands rather than the messily cut entries from DC lately, and a fun one at that.

Set during World War 1, Diana of Themyscira leaves her home after an American fighter pilot named Steve Trevor washes up on shore. She travels with him to London in order to put an end to the war. This trailer, like the others, follows this concept. Diana beats up soldiers and deflects bullets like the badass she is, and in between she has some funny exchanges with Steve. Speaking of Steve, this reminds me a lot of Captain America’s first movie. And that’s a good thing.

Watch the trailer here:

I haven’t thought much of DC’s recent cinematic efforts, and the lack of advertising doesn’t inspire much hope. Still, this looks promising and I’m willing to be burnt again. It has Patty Jenkins, the director of the excellent Monster at the helm. It looks colorful, with the Themyscira scenes especially looking gorgeous. Wonder Woman herself is awesome. The trailers manage a nice mix between great actions scenes and much-appreciated levity.

Both the fans and DC need this one to be a winner. I know Justice League will come out and make bank no matter what, but we need a sign that DC can turn their cinematic universe around and do justice (har!) by its characters. Besides Marvel needs to be taken down a peg.

Wonder Woman releases on June 1. It stars Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen, David Thewlis, Robin Wright, and Elena Anaya among many others.

Video and Images Courtesy of DC


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