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Well, the trailer for It: Chapter 2 just dropped. The first chapter was a pretty good—if a little lacking in personality—horror movie. It also made a ton of money and was very well received in general, leaving this one with a lot to live up to.

The first two thirds of the trailer are appropriately unsettling, focusing on Beverly Marsh (now played by Jessica Chastain) returning to her childhood home for…reasons, and meeting a scary old lady. At first the lady is just scary because she’s so ready to welcome a stranger into her home and have tea with her, but she quickly becomes more scary, walking in a strange fashion in the background, commenting that nobody who dies in Derry (the town where this takes place) really dies, following that up with smiling in silence for a solid twelve seconds (full credit to the film makers for letting that sit for that long), and revealing an odd, rotten looking blemish on her chest.

Beverly tries to leave, but when the woman insists that she stay…she does. I mean, maybe she doesn’t want to risk upsetting this strange woman, which…fair, but she goes so far as to turn her back on the door the woman went through, and I find it strange that, after everything she went through, Beverly would be so careless. It does allow the woman to walk around naked in the background though, moving in an eerie, jerky fashion, so there’s that nightmare fuel for us at least. It’s then revealed that the woman is Pennywise’s daughter (no, I’m not sure what’s going on there, but it’s just a trailer, we’ll probably learn more later) and after quoting Beverly’s abusive father she rushes out of the darkness with heavy, thudding steps.

The remaining fifty seconds of the trailer are a more standard montage of scenes, as the Losers Club reunites, and Pennywise resurfaces, bringing with him his trademark red balloons. Lots of them. He seems a lot more energetic in this film too, flying by on some balloons like Winnie the Pooh, and jumping out of a window, manipulating gravity so he behaves like he’s just jumping off the floor, and underscoring the whole trailer with a goofy guffaw.

Will this movie be good? It’s hard to say; they’re adapting the part where both the book and the miniseries faltered, but at least this trailer was effectively creepy!

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