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Kathy Rain Director’s Cut Coming This Autumn

A classic point-and-click adventure game returns this fall as Raw Fury has announced that Clifftop Games will be re-releasing a new version of 2016’s Kathy Rain, coming to PC’s later this year. The Director’s Cut will update and expand the game with new narratives, bigger environments, and even a remixed soundtrack.

Return to Conwell Springs when the award-winning adventure Kathy Rain re-emerges in the Director’s Cut edition, featuring an extended story with more puzzles to solve and new areas to explore. Witness the rise of an iconic detective as you uncover a dark and sinister truth hiding beneath the calm exterior of a small rural town.

Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut will be launching on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux this autumn.

Kathy Rain story
It does

Set in the 90’s, Kathy Rain tells the story of a strong-willed journalism major who must come to terms with her troubled past as she investigates the mysterious death of her recently departed grandfather. 

Armed with her motorcycle, a pack of cigs, and a notepad, Kathy delves into a local mystery surrounding her hometown that will take her on a harrowing journey of emotional and personal turmoil.

As she follows the trail of clues left by her grandfather, questions emerge: What was Joseph Rain really looking for that night all those years ago? What turned him into a mere shell of a man, confined to a wheelchair? What secret did a suicidal young artist take with her to the grave, and why are so many people in Conwell Springs going mad? The truth is dark, sinister, and yours to uncover…

Kathy Rain in-game

New to Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut 

  • Improved narrative, additional plotlines, and an extended ending which gives new dimension to beloved characters 
  • Remixed soundtrack with fresh tunes for the new chapters 
  • Several unlockable motorcycle paint jobs to personalize your precious Katmobile
  • Controller support 
  • Enlarged game environments to fill up the entire screen without black bars on the sides on top of graphical improvements
  • (No Spoilers but…) DEATH SEQUENCES! 
  • Plus much more! 

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