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Level Up Dice Partners With Paizo For First Ever Kickstarter

After multiple successes on Kickstarter producing dice for other companies, Australian dice maker Level Up Dice launched their very first Kickstarter this morning in partnership with Paizo, publishers of Starfinder and Pathfinder. The campaign will feature their brand new “Complete Character Creation” dice that allow for customers to “curate” their dice set to fit their character.

Level Up Dice curated dice set

Level Up Dice is perhaps most famous for their dice made out of semi-precious stones, but they also work hard to make all their dice unique with proprietary fonts and designs that frequently rotate in and out. They’ve produced dice for Wyrmwood, Wizards of the Coast, Penny Arcade, Magehand Press, and more. The new Kickstarter will feature aircraft grade aluminum, CNC engraved designs, and over forty colors to choose from. Rather than buying a matching set, the campaign will allow you to mix-and-match as you please.The stated goal of the campaign is to help you curate a set of dice truly unique to your character, with details like elements and even sword sizes available for you.

Merisiel dice set
This set is themed around Paizo’s Iconic Rogue Merisiel

The partnership with Paizo means that the new dice will me most compatible with Pathfinder 2E, but (since most games use some combination of the traditional dice set) they’re largely system agnostic. One of Paizo’s official partner streams, Band of Badgers, released an unboxing of their curated sets which you can see here.

Images via Level Up Dice


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