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The Librarians: 2.9 …And the Happily Ever Afters Review

The Librarians has been renewed for a third season! We’ll get ten more episodes of these dorks running around and saving the world from evil and misguided magic.

Anyways, after Prospero’s magic did the thing last week, the team has scattered, all living the ideal versions of their lives. Though they’re strangers, they are drawn together again when Ariel, Prospero’s ghost servant appears.

But first, the happily ever afters:

Baird is dating Mayor Moriarty (seems to be more of his happy than hers) and is the sheriff of a small town and knows everyone’s name, which, after being in so many military related operations, seems pretty accurate. Even if she is with a Fictional.

Cassandra is a hippie scientist astronaut, specifically Commander “Cassandra Cillian, Science Explorer”. That’s too cute. She’s too cute. She also travels to the moon. Then, there is Stone who is like half the faculty and teaches eleven subjects at the university when he’s not recovering artifacts around the world followed by Ezekiel being in the FBI! He may have lost his memory of saving the others during the video game, but he obviously wants to help others way, very, deep down.

Finally, Jenkins is still in charge of the Library but doesn’t remember the Librarians, though Flynn does. I bet Flynn regrets saying he has nothing to do after finding the last of the missing artifacts.

Then there’s actually a missing item for Flynn to find as the clippings book (which is quite angry and can fly!) points him towards Puget Sound where a totem pole has gone missing. Welp.

Puget Sound is also where all of the others live and work together— oh, and they own a bar together. Obviously implying that, somewhere inside them, happily ever after includes each other. (I’m fondly reminded of Leverage.) Who would have thought after two seasons, and many adventures, that these misfits would love and want to be around each other all the time? I love solid character development and this season of The Librarians is finally giving it to us!

I also really love Flynn’s face of shock. Especially “you guys are all recovering missing pieces of art in a building full of books, and you have no idea who I am.” May have giggled a bit too loudly at that.

Flynn decides to play along and works with the others to figure out where the heck the totem pole went. Eve figures out that Flynn couldn’t have used a boat to get to the island but before he can get arrested, Ariel, the faery, pops up and they both show up to the Library where Ariel makes the entire thing a complete and utter mess.

The more the others want their lives, the stronger Prospero’s narrative spell gets, and the stronger the spell gets, the more they want their lives.

Back in town, the moment Eve starts realizing something is going on, the magic kicks back in due to her badge and she goes back to trying to find the “strangers”. In fact, they’re all wearing something that keeps them under the spell.

So Flynn and Ariel work together (seems like a bad idea) to get everyone (besides Moriarty) back to the Library so he can attempt to stop the spell. He tells everyone who they are and when he kisses Eve, she kind of remembers. True love’s kiss!

Of course, Flynn can’t kiss everyone so they go back to the town. If they can find the totem, put their talismans back with the totem, and tell their real story, they’ll be good to go.

Easier said than done because the magic keeps trying to hold onto them. Jake is offered a job at the Louvre, Ezekiel gets an offer for Interpol, and Cassandra gets an offer to go to be the first one on Mars, but they all say no! They reject their happily ever afters!

They have friends, people who need them, and people who would be lost without them (as said by Cass, Jake, and Zeke respectively).

Back with Eve, Moriarty is finally able to talk for himself and tells Eve to give him one more chance since Prospero has taken his life and freedom. Moriarty begged Prospero to give him, Eve, and the Librarians this new life and a chance at love.

But Eve, who is always the best at giving lessons (besides Jenkins, of course) states that love is hard, risky, and sometimes it breaks your heart, but you have to take a chance because that’s what’s real.

So many snaps!

Eve, Flynn, Ariel, and the Librarians show up to the totem, place their talismans down, and tell their real stories.

They’re librarians and it was the best choice any of them made.

Except, when they get back to the Annex, Flynn doesn’t remember Jenkins because his happily ever after is solving an endless series of puzzles, so Eve kisses him again. True love’s kiss, twice for one spell. Damn.

There’s no rest for the wicked, or the good in this case, because Jenkins comes running out and gives us all the really bad news. They had all been under Prospero’s spell for three weeks, and during that time, he somehow got the lay lines to move up into the sky and is now planning for the end of the world.


The only complaint I have about this episode and season really is that there are many moments where it’s been implied that Cassandra is attracted to men and women, and there was that alternate moment last season where Eve and Cassandra had been together. Though Jake is followed around by a lot of lady students, there is no one fawning over Cassandra. Her happily ever after may be super inspirational for women in STEM and kids. But there’s nothing on the romance angle and that’s super frustrating. Why can’t we have any LGB or trans characters?

I’m sure she and the others will have more to worry about in the finale when Prospero finally makes his stand. Otherwise, this episode is superb!

Grade: 5/5

Image courtesy of TNT


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