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resident evil 3 nemesis remake
resident evil 3 nemesis remake


Nemesis Arrives in New RE3 Remake Trailer

Everyone’s favorite rocket-launcher-wielding toothy boy has made his first appearance, and it’s a doozy. Resident Evil 3 resisted showing off the Nemesis in its first trailer released last month, but this time they gave him all the screen-time we could hope for, alongside a batch of screenshots showing off his new iconic rocket launcher. It’s terrifying. As someone who beat RE3 a dozen times or so and lost all fear of the old Nemesis, this trailer brought the fear of tyrants back into me.

Perhaps the most exciting thing that was easy to miss in this trailer was the gradual breakdown of the “clothing” Nemesis wears. he starts off in full black, even wearing a mask of some kind. In one of the rocket launcher screens also released, much of it has been ripped away, with lots of exposed muscle and flesh. It appears as if the Nemesis transformations from the original have returned and perhaps even expanded. He also comes equipped with at least a flamethrower and rocket launcher. Not to mention he can now use his tentacle in his first form. Any fan of the old game can tell you what a frustrating piece of trash Nemesis becomes with his tentacles, and now he can use it alongside his weapons.

Thanks a lot, guys.

This trailer also gives us a bit of a look at Carlos and his UBCS mercenary team, with teases of multiple gameplay segments featuring him rather than the one hospital segment from the original. Considering Carlos is probably the blandest character in all of the old-school Resident Evil games, any change is a good one. Plus they dropped his stupid accent. All good signs here.

After the success of the Resident Evil 2 remake, there is little reason to doubt that the RE team is making one of the best games of a stacked year of gaming with the RE3 remake. I can’t wait to get my hands on this one, and for a new generation to feel the pain of dealing with the Nemesis. Hurt us more, Capcom.

Video and Images Courtesy of Capcom


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