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seven seconds featured
seven seconds featured


Netflix’s Seven Seconds Looks to Explore a Vital Social Issue

A reality of life in America (and life everywhere, just with differing racial dynamics) is the unfortunate existence of racial violence by cops against African-Americans. Recent years have seen numerous incidents of black men and women, or even black children, dead at the hands of police. This often leads to large-scale protests, riots, and discussions of the inherent violence in the system that causes these incidents to occur so often. Seven Seconds looks ready to do the same, and I’m all for it.

Set to release on Netflix on February 23, Seven Seconds will show the aftermath of a white police officer hitting and killing a 15-year-old black kid with his car. While the officer seeks to cover his crime up, the boy’s parents and the community seek the truth of yet another death at the hands of police. The trailer is filled with scenes most Americans know intimately. And hopefully, that’s the point.

Police brutality and corruption is nothing new to TV or movies, but so often the police are portrayed as comically unsympathetic. One thing I hope to see from this show based on the synopsis saying the death is an accident is a look at how even good people are complicit in the racist policies and cover-ups plaguing the police. It’s not always old, white racists looking to hurt people. Sometimes it’s good people who make mistakes.

But you know what? That doesn’t excuse it, and it doesn’t excuse how the racism inherent in the system is the result of everyone allowing it.

Seven Seconds will star Clare-Hope Ashitey, Regina King, Beau Knapp, David Lyons, and Michael Mosley. Veena Sud of The Killing and Cold Case fame will serve as showrunner.

Video and Images Courtesy of Netflix


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