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the witcher netflix featured
the witcher netflix featured


Netflix’s Witcher Series Set for 8 Episodes, Potential 2020 Release

Netflix is looking to catch on the dark fantasy TV ride, and with The Witcher they picked one of the best potential properties around. News has tricked out courtesy of creator and showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich, who has been open and excited about the process via her Twitter account. Although not all fans agree with the brief character insights she gives.

Now her account has delivered the biggest news yet after a Netflix event in Rome. We have an episode count, a filming location, and a potential release target.

The first season of Hissrich’s Witcher series will span 8 episodes, of which only the pilot has currently been scripted out. It will also film in eastern Europe and Hissrich hopes for a 2020 release, though she maintains that the process will maintain a focus on quality over speed. The remaining 7 episodes still need writing, and new writers continue to join the show.

The show will adapt author Andrzej Sapkowski’s books (read them, they’re a bit dated but still excellent). It’s unclear whether this includes his short story collections, The Last Wish and Sword of Destiny. Hopefully, it does, because The Last Wish would make for really great television.

A lot of the success for this Witcher adaptation will depend on Hissrich, who has producer credits on Netflix’s The Defenders and Daredevil while also writing for both. She produced for Power, Do No Harm, Parenthood, and Private Practice. Her tweets have given fans a lot of insight into the ongoing development of the show and the book’s characters. I think she has a solid handle on everyone, and there’s no denying her enthusiasm.

There’s also no denying the potential of The Witcher on television. Sapkowski’s books and short stories are highly political tales with strong characters and a fascinating setting. They have their share of problematic content that hasn’t aged well, but with a woman showrunner, Sapkowski’s involvement, and years to reflect, hopefully, some of that can be updated for modern sensibilities. If so, we could get a truly unique and excellent fantasy show.

Here’s hoping for the best.

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