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paruzal escape room graphic
paruzal escape room graphic


Paruzal Games Launches “The Great Escape” Virtual Escape Room Tournament

Paruzal Games, the Denver-based, live-hosted, online escape room company announced today they will be hosting a unique, virtual escape room competition in March to celebrate their first birthday.  Teams from across the globe can compete in a bracketed tournament consisting of four (or more) unreleased Paruzal games. The winning team will be declared the fastest escape room team on the internet and receive a special prize.

To register your team for the Great Escape Tournament or to learn more, please visit:

“We wanted to host something a little bit different in celebration of Paruzal’s first birthday on March 19th,” said Paruzal CEO, James Warner. “Up until now, teams have only been tested by the challenge of beating our fun escape room puzzles, but with the launch of The Great Escape Birthday Tournament, they’ll actually be pitting themselves against other puzzle fans to determine who is the best and fastest puzzle solver.”  

Registration for Paruzal’s Great Escape Birthday Tournament opens on Saturday, February 27 and will remain open through March 12, 2021.  Interested teams will be apprised of tournament rules and must be ready to participate in Round One by scheduling their first session sometime between March 19 and April 9.  The eight fastest teams from Round One will then face off in a series of brackets until a final team wins the Paruzal’s Great Escape Birthday Tournament sometime in April.

As a special bonus, registered teams in the U.S. will receive Paruzal welcome kits of game-related goodies to use during the games, including a series of puzzles to solve to receive 20% off a future Paruzal game.

The tournament entry fee is $200 and covers all team members, any team size, for all of the event game titles – even if the team gets eliminated from the competition in one of the earlier rounds. Paruzal escape room puzzles are played via the free Zoom software. Each team member will need to download the Zoom software before playing.

Teams that don’t end up qualifying to play through the entire set of tournament rounds will still be able to play all the other games at their leisure.

Currently their site has seven games available including Game 7: Publish or Perish (Bobblehead Edition) where you’ve been locked out of your own office! Oh no! Solve puzzles to build a bobblehead to unlock your office and publish the academic paper that will earn you accolades and a huge promotion.

Other games are themed with one set in a pizzeria, one involving pirates, another with Bruce Springsteen, and others. It’s just like you would find in a physical escape room.

“As we celebrate Paruzal’s first year in business, my wife Elyssa and I continue to be awed by the creativity, spirt, and passion demonstrated by all our puzzle players,” said Warner. “We’re so glad we’ve been able to be a source of fun times and entertainment to so many during this very challenging year, and we hope everyone joins us in taking a shot at being the named fastest escape room team on the internet.”

Aside from tournament play, Paruzal is now offering a number of new services including custom game writing, corporate team building events, gift certificates, and online party hosting. With many things to come in the next year, Paruzal Games plans to continue breaking barriers with their exciting dimension of game play for individuals or groups.

Founded in 2020 by puzzle-lovers James and Elyssa Warner, Paruzal Games brings the fun and multi-player teamwork online through a serious of live-hosted escape room puzzles that can be played with family and friends using the popular Zoom videoconference platform.

Image courtesy of Paruzal Games

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