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resident evil 2 featured
resident evil 2 featured


Resident Evil 2’s Story Trailer Reminisces With a Twist

Like any good remake, all the gameplay footage of the coming remake of Resident Evil 2 has straddled a fine line between new ideas and old. The key to a successful remake lies in that balance. You want to modernize the outdated components of the original while retaining the core experience. You want to make fans new and old feel the same way everyone did back when the original released. Be it movies, shows, comics, games, whatever, any remake tries for the same goal.

What gameplay Capcom has shown so far displays a lot of promise. The iconic Raccoon City Police Department looks new while reminding me of the original.  The gameplay looks like it inspires the same positive anxiety. A William Birkin boss fight looks incredible. I watch these videos and feel like I did back in 1998 when Resident Evil 2 first released.

Still, we had no idea about the story. The limited cutscenes feature the same characters but show very little off. Until now.

Like the gameplay, this new story trailer does a fine job balancing familiar elements with a fresh feel. Everything has the kind of greater cinematic feel expected after so many years. Even better, the trailer shows off what looks to be expanded subplots for characters such as Chief Irons and Ada Wong. And was that a shot of Leon and Ada walking the streets of Raccoon City? It sure was. Just like the gameplay, this tease of the story looks to have retained the feel of RE2’s story while improving it where needed.

There was also LOTS to catch in this trailer. A zombie girl appears, confirming that children will be in the game (though I’m skeptical any combat will involve them). Kendo’s Gun Shop shows up. It looks like Ben, the journalist Leon and Ada find in a jail cell, may have interrogation tapes to listen to. Annette Birkin makes her first appearance. There’s a maniac who is going to ram Leon’s car.

It all just looks so great. I’ll definitely be there to pick Resident Evil 2 when it releases on January 25, 2019.

Video and Images Courtesy of Capcom


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