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Star Trek: Picard Trailer Teases Us With New Faces And Old Friends

I really didn’t expect to see this today. I didn’t think we’d get any new info about the new Picard series until later this year. And yet here we are.  And it actually answers some questions I had after I watched the first teaser trailer!

The show takes place about twenty years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis. Picard has spent that time at the family vineyard, seemingly trying to recover from the trauma of having Lt. Commander Data sacrifice himself to save him. His mind is clearly on other things though, on other worlds. And then a mysterious young woman who says she needs Picard’s help appears…

From there, it’s cut of several different scenes. The young woman (Who’s identity anyone moderately familiar with Star Trek lore could hazard a pretty good guess at) is fighting off assassins. Picard asks an Admiral (who is probably the source of the voice over from the first trailer) for help. He clearly doesn’t get it as the next scenes show us our new rag-tag crew.

We also catch glimpses of what appear to be our antagonists for this show. The first is an obvious one: A resurgent Borg (Possibly reassembled by Star Fleet). It’s a good thing Seven of Nine is there to help. The second threat is a bit out of left field: The Romulans. They seem to be the ones attempting to assassinate our new young lead. They also seem to have a bunch of ships approaching Mars, and a holding pen with a sign marking off a number of days since anyone was assimilated. All and all, fairly grim stuff. Finally, there’s a short teaser scene with Picard telling Data that he doesn’t want the game to end. Data replies simply “I can see that sir.” Commentary for us the audience, or Picard the character?

We’ll find out in 2020 when Star Trek: Picard releases on CBS All Access.

All Images Courtesy of CBS Television Studios


  • David

    David is a dental hygienist by day, gamer by night. He enjoys making character sheets when bored, and re-reading the same book for the twentieth time.


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