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steven universe wanted featured
steven universe wanted featured


Steven Universe is Wanted In This New Promo

After the heartbreaking cliffhanger to the newest Steven Bomb, I’m sure I’m far from alone in craving the followup. What will happen to Steven Universe now? Will we really see Homeworld? And what about Lars?

If the promo for May 29’s special one-hour event is any indication, we’re in for a very tense ride. Check the promo below:

Needless to say, this promo has a lot to unpack. A new gem (the fandom seems certain it’s a moonstone), Steven and Lars fighting together, Yellow Diamond doing her best Pikachu impression, statues with Quartz gems, Blue Diamond looking ready to smash Steven into pieces and threatening even worse…and those are just the highlights. We also get glimpses of some kind of red eye analyzer, Steven in Blue’s palanquin, and various shots of gem architecture.

Also, notice the room Steven sits in with the new gem, and the platform which raises him up to Blue Diamond’s face. There are three platforms for each Diamond. Both Blue and Yellow make appearances in the promo. Will…will we actually see White Diamond? Can it possibly be? Surely she won’t miss out on Rose Quartz’s capture?

Eh, we probably won’t see her but I’m hopeful for a mention. And I put decent odds on seeing Pink Diamond in some capacity. Can’t bring Rose Quartz, shatterer of Pink Diamond, before the other Diamonds without a decent chance of seeing the deceased somehow. Maybe there’s footage of the crime?

Consisting of four episodes – “Stuck Together”, “The Trial”, “Off Colors”, and “Lars’ Head” – “Wanted” will presumably deal with transportation of Steven, his trial before the Diamonds, and his escape. Does “Off Colors” imply Earth gems helping him escape? Famethyst, please! I’m also not sure I want to know what a title like “Lars’ Head” implies for the poor kid. “The Good Lars” just got me totally on board with his character, they can’t take him from me now.

Whatever the case, season 5 looks to be jumping right into the Earth-Homeworld conflict after season 4’s heavy Beach City focus. With the future of Steven Universe a bit uncertain at the moment, creator Rebecca Sugar has big plans for the season and this hour-long event wastes no time throwing our hero into perilous circumstances. We’ve waited a long time for a close look at Homeworld culture. I have no doubt Steven Universe will be as fun, heartbreaking, and excellent as always.

As always, you can expect Betchen (or one of Bo or Gretchen, at least) to cover all your recap and review needs when the special airs on May 29. Tune in and prepare to freak out.

Video and Images Courtesy of Cartoon Network


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