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Super Mario Odyssey Looks Strange in the Best Way

Ever wanted to play The Legend of Grand Theft Mario? Well, Super Mario Odyssey gives you the chance.

Obviously, any kind of real world in a main series Mario platform will split opinions. Throwing our lovable Italian plumber onto city streets populated with taxi cabs and properly proportioned human beings conjures unpleasant memories of Sonic the Hedgehog games gone wrong. The fact it is considered an open world sandbox game also worries me about the flaws seemingly inherent to the genre. Did I mention it looks really weird? Because it does.

Thankfully you also get the typically beautiful and fantastical Mario levels, with a hint of Zelda thrown in as well. These levels look huge, varied, and full of the creativity the series is renowned for. Mario fans have also clamored for a return to a more Mario 64/Sunshine style of exploration. This trailer suggests exactly that kind of return. Plus there’s something really satisfying about the way Mario smashes that taxi.

If you know Mario, you know the setup presented here. Bowser kidnapped Peach (and looks pretty dapper in that tux). Mario almost definitely has to rescue her. So what’s different? Well, he seems to travel between the vastly different worlds in a hat-shaped ship. This presents a very intriguing setup, where Mario and company leave not only the Mushroom Kingdom, but their dimension entirely in order to enter our world and the others shown. A hat throwing mechanic features prominently, including as a makeshift platform to reach far off areas. The desert area features both in day and nighttime, so there may be a time cycle. Here’s hoping Peach gets a little something to do. She’s had her own pretty great games and it would be a nice change.

Come on, if hats are a focus here than her tiara better factor in.

At the end of the day, this is Mario, and I’m sure the game will be good and the only argument will be whether it’s up there with 64 and Galaxy as the best of the 3D series. Along with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Nintendo is throwing out its heavy hitters to get people hyped about the Switch. And boy is it working.

So what do you think? Is it too weird? Is it just right? Just what will end up being the world record for repetitions on that jump rope? Give your thoughts in the comments. I’m sure they’ll be just as controversial.

Image and Video Courtesy of Nintendo


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