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The King’s Man Trailer Drops, Raises Questions About Nobility

Okay, so, much like Top Gun: Maverick, I had no idea that this movie was coming out. Unlike Top Gun 2 Electric Boogaloo though, I’m actually a fan of the previous movie. Well, I’m a fan of the first Kingsmen anyway, the second was…a mixed bag to say the least. And now we appear to be getting a prequel about the titular organization!

So, for those who haven’t seen the previous movies but decided to check on this article anyway, a quick rundown. The Kingsmen is an organization of British spies who were founded in 1919 by a group of ultra-rich men who’d all lost their heirs to World War One. So they decided to create an independent intelligence agency with virtually no oversight to serve as the new Knights of the world, adopting the names of the Round Table as their codenames. The first films straddled the line between serious James Bond-style film and an Austin Powers style parody, having fun and using gadgets and crazy villains but never going full comedy.

The King’s Man, in contrast, seems to have a much more toned-down approach. Nothing in the trailer feels quite as over the top (aside from a scene of the hero being blasted through a wall while using a shield, which is straight from Captain America or Wonder Woman) or lighthearted. This is helped by the mentor figure being not Colin Firth but Ralph Fiennes. Hard to feel goofy when you’ve got Voldemort talking about realpolitik and the importance of knowledge and strength.

What’s the plot? Well, it’s a little hazy, but from what I gather they’re trying to end World War One by assassinating Rasputin. I think. Details are a little hazy, but this is a teaser trailer, after all, I can accept only having a vague idea of the plot so long as I have an idea of what the plot is.

Now, this film could be going one of two directions. It could be a grimmer and grittier deconstruction of the first film (where a group of spies founded by a bunch of ultra-rich British men with no oversight didn’t turn into a villainous group somehow). If that’s the case…not my thing. But it could be an attempt to show a brighter future. Note that this film is set before the end of World War One, and thus before the founding of the organization. Perhaps the Kingsmen were created to refute Fiennes’ view? We’ll find out!

Images Courtesy of 20th Century Fox


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