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the americans featured


Trailer for Final Season of ‘The Americans’ Features a Family on the Brink

For five seasons, The Americans has been one of the best and most underappreciated shows on television. The brilliant character study of a married couple and their family using the backdrop of Cold War espionage now enters its final season looking to close the story. I’m ready for an end, but I’m also completely unready for this wonderful show to finish for good.

There’s a lot of familiar territory in this trailer; sneaking, walks with handlers, Philip complaining, and people dying feature of course. Then there are the two standouts of the trailer, the two things fans have waited years to see. That’s right, Paige has joined the family business. Just in time, too, because finally, Elizabeth Jennings seems to be looking for a way out.

Despite a lot of fandom discontent (unfairly placed in my opinion) over her arc, the day Paige entered the spy game has been a skillfully executed slow burn arc that finally hit a turning point last season. Elizabeth has always been open to Paige becoming a spy. Last season she finally won the argument with Philip to begin training her. Looks like we’re going to see the fruit of years of training now, and I’m both incredibly worried but proud as any parent. Seeing her get tossed around by someone didn’t help my nerves.

Seeing her mother’s new reluctance to continue along probably won’t help. While both Philip and Elizabeth have struggled with their work throughout the show, Elizabeth has always remained committed to the cause. There’s only so much lying and death anyone can handle, and she’s been at it a long time. Paige has provided an opportunity for her to pass her work to the next generation.

Well, if they don’t all get busted by the feds. Escape looks increasingly unlikely. All I want is for everyone to be free, safe, and happy. Is that really so much to ask for?

The sixth and final season of The Americans returns on March 28.

Video and Images Courtesy of FX


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