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unleashed featured
unleashed featured


Unleashed’s Trailer is One for the Dogs

Ever wondered what would happen if a person’s cat and dog transformed into humans so she could date them? Well, for some reason, Unleashed wants to answer this question. Why? I suppose it doesn’t matter if the movie ends up okay.

After a woman with an unsuccessful romantic life moves to San Francisco, a cosmic event transforms her dog and cat into two “perfect” men. She dates them (why) and begin solving all her life’s issues. And…okay, I want to sneer at this movie but it looks cute. It looks completely goofy in a purposeful way and I’d be a damn liar to say I didn’t find this trailer amusing at all. Watch below:

Unleashed is certainly helped by starring Kate Micucci and Sean Astin. Their combined adorableness goes a long way. And come on, admit it! This was far more amusing than you thought. It doesn’t seem to take itself seriously. The jokes are alright. What the heck, I’m talking myself into it. So long as Astin and Micucci’s characters get together in the end. That way we all die of adorableness.

Unleashed stars Justin Chatwin and Steve Howey as the aforementioned cat and dog. There’s no release date as of yet, though the film premiered last year at the Mill Valley Film Festival.

Video and Images Courtesy of Braveart Films
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