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Watch the Justice League Trailer Here

Bo: Good news; Justice League is going to have some badass effects and fight scenes.  I doubt anyone thought otherwise, but now we can see some of it for ourselves. The heroes look great, their powers look great, and they have some seriously awesome teamwork moments.

Set months after the events of Batman vs. Superman, Justice League will see Batman and Wonder Woman assemble the rest of the crew to defend the Earth from Steppenwolf. Aquaman, Cyborg, and the Flash all feature heavily in the trailer, and all look terrific. This defense will involve some huge scenes seemingly involving hundreds of enemies. There’s no doubt it all looks terrific.

Just check it out for yourself below:

Will all of this make for a better, more comprehensible movie than DC has managed to date? We’re not so optimistic about that. And anyone hoping for a brighter color palette than the drabness of the DC Cinematic Universe has featured will probably be disappointed to see a trailer doused in darkness.

CJ: Underscored by a Beatles cover (foreign invasion, anyone?) the Justice League trailer explodes onto our smaller screens to tide us over until it reaches the silver one this fall. Am I hopeful? Yes. Am I also very cautious? Hell yeah. Am I gonna see it anyway? Probably.

There is a good combination of fun and action in this film, reminiscent of the original Avengers film with a dash more of Grimdark™ that DC films have adopted. Personally, I’m more excited about Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Aquaman more than others, but that’s probably due to the impression I got from Batman vs. Superman combined with me being a fan of CW’s The Flash (and how way off this seems).

Overall, this trailer does not dwell too much on any Big Bads, but more on the group dynamic- which we can only hope will restore the DC universe.

Scheduled for release on November 2017, Justice League will again be directed by controversial director Zack Snyder. Its huge cast stars Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, Ezra Miller, Ray Fisher, Jesse Eisenberg, Amy Adams, and JK Simmons among many others.

Image courtesy of Warner Bros.

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