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Watch the First Crazy Rich Asians Trailer

Based on author Kevin Kwan’s bestselling 2013 novel of the same name, Crazy Rich Asians tells the story of protagonist Rachel Chu’s journey to Singapore with her boyfriend to attend his best friend’s wedding, which is basically the equivalent of a royal wedding. Only when she gets there, Rachel finds out her boyfriend is practically Singapore royalty and everyone wants him. Also, his family hates her. Oh boy, I smell some complicated familial dynamics!

So what, you’ve seen this movie a bunch of times, right? Why care about this one? It’s your typical romantic comedy with your typical jokes. What’s the draw, besides Constance Wu and all those shots of Henry Golding’s abs?

Well, just look at all the white people who aren’t in this movie!

Crazy Rich Asians is the first Hollywood movie to star a majority Asian cast in 25 years since 1993’s Joy Luck Club. Even better, this trailer makes clear they pulled out ALL the stops. Director Jon M. Chu has assembled a powerhouse team of famous actors of Asian descent, and the movie looks absolutely gorgeous. The sets, the clothing, the cinematography, it all looks spectacular around a pretty gorgeous cast. All the stops looked to have been pulled out for this movie, and it’s great to see. Plus they actually filmed the movie in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

Plus the jokes in this trailer are pretty solid. It’s just good news all around.

While this almost certainly won’t achieve the financial and cultural success of Black Panther, I hope Crazy Rich Asians looks like it might be the same kind of celebration of Asian cultures that Black Panther was for the black community. Regardless of how this movie turns out, I hope it makes bank. You don’t need the same five white guys to star alongside the same five white women every time you make a romantic comedy. The past couple years have been great for smashing the ridiculous idea that non-white actors and casts won’t sell.

Crazy Rich Asians is ready to smash the door open some more when it hits theaters on August 17.

Images Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures


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